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Commercial extensions

So last week I posted a blog and this week something else came up that I decided to share which I thought would be useful if you are using InDesign to typeset long books or documents.

About ten days ago I was working on a project and was very frustrated. In InDesign the only way to make footnotes renumber at each chapter is to create a new section at the beginning of the said chapter. Now if the book has ten chapters, then this is mildly irritating, but if there are more...

I had tried to get a script written to do this, but it never quite worked the way I wanted, so I had given up on the idea...

I’m not sure what happened but I was again looking at scripts and discovered this great script called Mastermatic Bookraft. Funnily enough even though I didn’t know the site, I knew of the owner.

However, as nice as this script is, it didn’t really solve my problem. Yes, now I could apply master pages according to the content which would definitely save me time, but it didn’t solve the problem that I had to start with.

So I decided to use a little chutzpa and complain that the script didn’t have a completely different feature that I wanted. The response: Yep we have a different script that does that called Sections Stuff.

Who knew!

Well needless to say I am the proud owner of two new scripts in my arsenal which will hopefully speed up my work, and more importantly for my clients, mitigate mistakes.

Using both commercial and custom scripts is something that my business relies on. It allows for faster turnaround and more importantly, more accurate results.

If you have a book that needs typesetting, then please feel free get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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